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64 Nagle Avenue
New York, NY10034

MEDICAL SPACE: Inwood Section Of Upper Manhattan

1950 sqft

MEDICAL SPACE: Inwood Section Of Upper Manhattan

PRICE: $8,000-----NEIGHBORHOOD: Inwood section of Upper Manhattan.-----CROSS STREET: Corner of Ellwood & Nagle ave.-----FRONTAGE: Approximately 150 feet of corner wraparound frontage on 2nd Floor.-----PREVIOUS TENANT: Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.-----RESTRICTIONS: Dermatology, Chiropractor, Pain Management, Neurology and Urology. (All other uses considered).-----NEIGHBOR TENANTS: McDonalds, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Starbucks & Duane Read pharmacy among many others.-----REMARKS: Unique opportunity to establish a footprint in the Inwood Section of Upper Manhattan.

About the Neighborhood

Neighborhood Info

Inwood is physically bounded by the Harlem River to the north and east, and the Hudson River to the west. It extends southward to Fort Tryon Park and alternatively Dyckman Street or Fairview Avenue farther south, depending on the source.[4][5]

(While Inwood is the northernmost neighborhood on the island of Manhattan, it is not the northernmost neighborhood of the entire borough of Manhattan. That distinction is held by Marble Hill, a neighborhood situated just north of Inwood, on what is properly the North American mainland bordering the Bronx. Marble Hill was isolated from Inwood and the rest of Manhattan in 1895 when the route of the Harlem River was altered by the construction of the Harlem River Ship Canal.)

Because of its water boundary on three sides, its hilly geography, and its limited local street connections (only Broadway and Fort George Hill connect to the rest of the Manhattan street grid), the neighborhood can feel somewhat physically detached from the rest of the borough. The W.P.A. Guide to New York City, published in the 1930s, described Inwood with "rivers and hills insulate a suburban community that is as separate an entity as any in Manhattan."

Inwood marble, a soft, white, metamorphic rock found in northern Manhattan, takes its name after the neighborhood. From the mid-17th to the late 18th century, commercial quarries dotted the area as the material was used for building construction. However, due to its susceptibility to erosion, builders eventually used alternate construction materials.[6] Inwood marble was quarried for government buildings in lower Manhattan and Washington, D.C. Small pieces of marble can still be seen in the stone retaining walls around Isham Park.

More details

Second floor, Turn-key medical facility 
Previously occupied by Columbia Presbyterian medical center
ADA approved bathrooms in place
Reception and waiting areas in place
Offices, exam rooms and nursing stations in place
Hospital grade elevator in place
Entire floor plate is 10,000 square feet
Current tenants include a Dermatology practice, Chiropractor, Pain management, Neurology and Urology 

Easy access to major highways 
Easy access to public transportation 
There is a Pharmacy on the the building's ground floor
Dense residential population
Steps to the number (1) and (A) trains


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