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18392 Goodwin Ln
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

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Tami Bowden, CA-BRE#: 01829761


Tami Bowden, CA-BRE#: 01829761
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Single Family Home
3 Bedrooms
2 Full Bathrooms
MLS #: S609384

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Amazing city to live in, check out some of our awards:


  • Best Family BeachOC Parenting Magazine 3rd Annual Readers Choice Awards (September 2005)


  • Number One Family Surf Beach in the United States – Dr. Stephen “ Dr. Beach” Leatherman (May 2004)


  • One of the Top Five Destinations for Teenagers and Their Parents –New York Post (July 2004)


  • Number One Best City to Live In – Orange County Register 13th Annual Reader Survey (September 2006)


  • Number One Best Place to Walk/Jog/Bike – Orange County Register 13th Annual Reader Survey (September 2006)


  • Number One Best Parade (Fourth of July) – Orange County Register 13th Annual Reader Survey (September 2006)


  • Best Art Classes for Kid, Editor’s Choice (Huntington Beach Art Center) – OC Parenting Magazine 4th Annual Readers Choice Awards (September 2006)


  • Eighth-Lowest Crime Rate Among Large U.S. Cities  -- Federal Bureau of Investigation (July 2004)


  • Best City to Live in Orange County – Orange County Register Consumer’s Choice Survey


  • 6th Best City in the Nation for Women -- Ladies Home Journal Readers Survey

Our schools are some of the best in the nation:

Four districts educate Huntington Beach elementary and middle school students: Huntington Beach City School District, Ocean View School District, Fountain Valley School District, and Westminster School District.  The staff's high expectations for students and themselves are reflected in high performance levels and high test scores.

The Huntington Beach Union High School District oversees six high schools in the area, four located in Huntington Beach: Huntington Beach High School, Ocean View High School, Marina High School, and Edison High School. District wide, the Class of 2003 had over 3,000 graduates who experienced a rigorous level of preparation and were well prepared for future goals. Huntington Beach Union High School District makes it a priority to increase student participation in college admission testing, giving more students the opportunity to attend college and successfully meet their professional goals. For the Class of 2003, 55% of the graduates took the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).  Scores are soaring above California and national averages. A recent survey of graduating seniors indicated that 95% plan to earn a college degree. Recent graduates also earned scholarship offers of over seventeen million dollars.  Our high quality schools are a major factor in preparing our youth for the workforce of the future.  This district includes Edison High School, Huntington Beach High School, Marina High School, and Ocean View High School within the city; Fountain Valley High School in Fountain Valley, and Westminster High School in Westminster. The district also has two alternative schools, Valley Vista High School and the Community Day School, and an Independent Study School, Coast High School. The Huntington Beach Adult School is also a part of the district’s education system and has served the community for 38 years.

Huntington Beach is also home to two community colleges.  The community colleges have a significant impact upon the local economy by further preparing Huntington Beach residents for higher education and the job market. The Coast Community College District (CCCD) serves the broader Huntington Beach area on three campuses. Golden West College was founded in 1966, and is proud to house the only nursing and police training programs in the District. Located in the northern part of Huntington Beach near the 405 Freeway, its innovative architecture and attractive landscaping define the 122-acre Golden West College campus. The college offers a wide range of career, transfer, certificate programs, and community service events.  Services include counseling, financial aid, childcare, health center, and a nationally recognized disabled students program.  A 350-seat theater, an art gallery, and a science museum provide cultural opportunities for students and the community.  Community college students often complete Associate Arts Degrees, choose from a wide choice of training certificates, or fulfill their lower division credits before transferring to four-year universities.         

Huntington Beach School Districts

District:  Huntington Beach City School

Ethel R. Dwyer Middle School
1502 Palm Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA  92648
(714) 536-7507

Isaac L. Sowers Middle School
9300 Indianapolis Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA  92646
(714) 962-7738

John H. Eader Elementary School 
9291 Banning Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA  92646
(714) 962-2451

Dr. Ralph E. Hawes Elementary School
9682 Yellowstone Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92646
(714) 963-8302

Huntington Seacliff Elementary School
6701 Garfield Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA  92646
(714) 841-7081

S.A. Moffett Elementary School
8800 Burlcrest Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA  92646
(714) 963-8985

Joseph R. Perry Elementary School
19231 Harding Lane
Huntington Beach, CA  92646
(714) 962-3348

John R. Peterson Elementary School
20661 Farnsworth Lane
Huntington Beach, CA  92646
(714) 378-1515

Agnes L. Smith Elementary School
770 17th Street
Huntington Beach, CA  92646
(714) 536-1469

The Huntington Beach Adult School
16666 Tunstall Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 847-2873

Community Day School
1022 Westminster Mall
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 799-1414

District:  Ocean View School

Circle View School
6261 Hooker Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 893-5035

College View School
6582 Lennox Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 847-3505

Golden View School
17251 Golden View Lane
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 847-2516

Harbour View School
4343 Pickwick Circle
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 846-6602

Hope View School
17622 Flintstone Lane
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 847-8571

Lake View School
17451 Zeider Lane
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 842-2589

Marine View Middle School
5682 Tilburg Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 846-0624

Mesa View Middle School
17601 Avilla Lane
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 842-6608

Oak View School
17241 Oak Lane
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 842-4459

Spring View Middle School
16662 Trudy Lane
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 846-2891

Star View School
8411 Worthy Drive
Midway City, CA  92655
(714) 897-1009

Sun View School
7721 Juliette Low Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 847-9643

Village View School
5361 Sisson Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92649
(714) 846-2801

Vista View Middle School
16250 Hickory
Fountain Valley, CA  92708
(714) 842-0626

Westmont School
8251 Heil Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 847-3561



The climate is generally sunny, dry and cool, although evenings can be damp due to the ocean breeze.  Prevailing westerly and southwesterly winds off the Pacific Ocean help maintain pleasant, smog-free weather year round with temperatures ranging mostly from 65° to 80° Fahrenheit. The mean annual humidity is 64.7%.  In the morning and evening, there are strong breezes, about 15 mph.  In the summer, temperatures rarely exceed 85 degrees.  In the winter, temperatures rarely fall below 40 degrees, even on clear nights.  Annual rainfall is less than 12 inches, with a majority of the rain falling between December and March.  Frost occurs only rarely on the coldest winter nights. Ocean temperatures average 55 to 65 degrees. 


Every year, millions of visitors and residents experience the finest of recreation in Huntington Beach. Perhaps nowhere else in the world can one experience such a multitude of diverse recreational activities within such a small geographical area: beach, harbor, wetlands, parks, equestrian center, public pier, nature center, a sports complex and more!

Nicknamed "Surf City" for its beautiful wide beaches and consistently breaking surf, Huntington Beach residents enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. Surfing, sailing, volleyball on the beach, fishing, tennis, golf, and many city recreation programs are available for all ages.  Our community features one of the largest recreational piers in the world, public parks, riding stables and equestrian trails, a marina, a wildlife preserve, and an eight-mile biking, inline skating, jogging, and walking trail along the ocean. The crown jewel of the recreation system is the 8.5 miles of wide, spacious beaches where in the summer, large crowds gather to watch the U.S Open of Surfing, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball, Hello Kitty Boardfest and other sporting events.

Operated by the city, Huntington City Beach is one of the best beaches on the west coast, extremely popular with surfers.  Home to the longest recreational pier in the state, the landmark HB Pier is located at the heart of Downtown.  Originally built in 1904 and rebuilt most recently during the early 1990’s, it is the longest concrete municipal pier in CA.  Stretching 1,856 feet into the Pacific Ocean, it is a favorite spot for fisherman, families and romantics who flock here daily to enjoy the “million-dollar” sunsets.  For more than a century, the Pier has been an iconic coastal symbol.  Surfers can always been seen from the Pier since surfing still remains one of the most popular activities at Huntington City Beach.  The waves here have a unique natural effect caused by edge-diffraction of ocean swells by the island of Catalina.  Because of the curve of the coastline at Huntington Beach, the beach actually faces southwest.  This beach is also very popular for kite surfing.  Throughout the year, numerous activities are held on the beach including surf and other sport competitions and community events.  Dog Beach is a part of Huntington City Beach.  This area of the beach is dog-friendly and a paradise for dog owners.  It is not unusual to see a dog and his owner tandem surfing.

The northern and southern beaches, Bolsa Chica State Beach and Huntington State Beach, respectively, are state parks.  Only the central beach, Huntington City Beach, is maintained by the city.  The Bolsa Chica State Beach is located across Pacific Coast Highway from the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.  Bolsa Chica’s surf is mellow and rolling with consistently ride-able waves, making it a perfect place for beginners.    Huntington State Beach is very popular with families.  More than 600 fire rings are available on the city and state beaches for nightly bonfires, a favorite activity among Huntington Beach locals. 

Central Park
Central Park is one of the largest city parks in Southern California and home to many of the city’s major attractions and a pair of inviting restaurants.  Boasting an expansive 354 acres punctuated with mature trees, rolling lawns and placid lakes, Central Park is the region’s largest and most diverse greenbelts.  The park is vegetated with native plants and wildlife.  Thick forests encircling the park are supplemented with Australian trees, particularly eucalyptus.

The Huntington Beach Central Library and Cultural Center is located in Central Park, which houses almost a half-million volumes, as well as a theater, gift shop and fountains.  The park is also home to the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center, a top class boarding facility that offers horse rentals to the public, with 25 acres of public bridle trails, guided trail rides, and a riding school. The world’s second oldest disc (Frisbee) golf course is available in the park as well and has been touted as the most beautiful course of its kind in Southern California.   The Sports Complex, which provides 45-acres of recreation including eight softball fields overlaid with an equal number of soccer and seven batting cages, is another popular feature of Central Park.  Adventure Playground for kids, the Huntington Beach Playhouse, and the Donald D. Shipley Nature Center, an 18-acre forest that for the past 25 years has remained a wild and natural area for native wildlife, can all be found within Central Park. 

Huntington Harbour
Huntington Harbour offers serenity, abundant wildlife and calm waters.  The Harbour is comprised of five man-made islands bounded by a network of navigable channels and the land surrounding them.  The Harbour is home to multi-million dollar homes and serves as a pleasure craft port.  This area is very popular for sport fishing, private charters, electric boat rentals and kayaking.  Huntington Harbour is also home to the Annual Cruise of Lights, a series of narrated evening cruises during the winter holidays when the area is decorated with festive decorations and elaborate lights.  The County of Orange runs Sunset Marina Park next to Huntington Harbour and is part of Anaheim Bay.

Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve
Between Downtown and Huntington Harbour lies a large marshy wetland, much of which is protected within the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.  A $110 million restoration of the wetlands was completed in 2006.  The Bolsa Chica Wetlands contain numerous trails and scenic routes.  The wetlands themselves have recently been connected with the ocean again, in an effort to maintain its previous, unaltered conditions.  The Reserve is popular with bird watchers and photographers.  Great blue herons and snowy egret stake their majestic place among the nearly 200 species of birds that can be seen at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.  The Ecological Reserve also features an Interpretive Center for visitors.

Special Events
The City of Huntington Beach offers activities year-round to visitors and residents alike.  A recent Los Angeles Times article noted the Huntington Beach Farmers Market and Craft Fair “…enjoys the most beautiful location of any market in the Southland-right along the beach.” Located at Pier Plaza at Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway, the Farmers Market and Craft Fair is open Friday afternoons from 1:00 to 6:00 PM (or sunset, depending on the season) and features a wide variety of freshly-picked fruits and vegetables, flowers and more. The Arts and Crafts feature over 60 booths of handmade items, ranging from candles and soaps to jewelry to art to clothing. Residents and visitors alike stroll through the Farmers Market and Craft Fair for the constantly-changing offerings.

The city holds the oldest Independence Day Parade in the western United States.  This is televised locally on the public access cable channel, HBTV-3.  In 2004, Huntington Beach celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the 4th of July Parade.

Huntington Beach plays host to numerous other annual events.  Every summer, Huntington Beach hosts the World Surfing Championships and the U.S. Open of Surfing, the largest surfing competition in the world, which drew 100,000 people its final day in 2005.  The AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament is also held on the beach each year.  Huntington Beach holds an Annual Cruise of Lights Boat Tour every winter holiday.  This is a parade of colorful lighted boats through the Huntington Harbour bayside neighborhood.  In late February, kite fliers flock to the Annual Kite Party.  Professional kite fliers hold demonstrations and kite fliers of all skills come and show off their varied and amazing kites.  Huntington Beach is also the host city of the National Professional Paintball League Super 7 Paintball Championships.  The NPPL holds its first event of the year traditionally in March. Other annual events include the Huntington Beach Pier’s Polar Plunge on Jan. 1; Miss Huntington Beach Scholarship Pageant; Easter Hunt; Duck-A-Thon, Concours d’Elegance; Surf City 5K Run; City of Huntington Beach Distance Derby; Huck Finn Fishing Derby; Civil War Reenactment; SoCal Independent Film Festival; Senior Saturday Community Festival; Oktoberfest; Running for the Birds 5K/10K Run; Main Street Halloween Celebration; and New Year’s Eve Senior Ballroom Dance.

The City of Huntington Beach holds monthly events including Ballroom Dance run by the Huntington Beach Council on Aging, Bolsa Chica Wetlands Tour, and Huntington Beach Disc Golf Tournament.  Some events are held every week as well.  These include a Farmer’s Market and Art-A-Faire, Saturday Sunrise Car Cruisers, Surf City Nights Street Fair, and a Swap Meet at Golden West College.



Presented by

Tami Bowden, CA-BRE#: 01829761

Tami Bowden, CA-BRE#: 01829761
Realty One Group
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18392 Goodwin Ln
Huntington Beach, CA 92646


Property photo
Single Family Home
3 Bedrooms
2 Full Bathrooms
MLS #: S609384

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Desirable one-story with inside tract location; large lot with long driveway; light and bright interior; newer dual-paned vinyl windows and charming well maintained California Ranch exterior; many newer exterior and interior updates; kitchen and bathrooms need remodel; great room concept with lovely fireplace and ceiling fans; newer roll-up garage door; clean home with lots to offer!

Property photoProperty photo
Map of 18392  Goodwin Ln, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, USA
Tami Bowden, CA-BRE#: 01829761

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