730 Black Forest Dr
Maryville, TN 37801

Single Family Home
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Interior: 1,517 sqft



If you ask us about home buying we will quickly tell you the following:
  1. The real estate market has changed dramatically since 2007.
  2. Whether you are buying your first home or your 13th home, doing everything possible to reduce your transaction and purchase cost is important. You don’t want to be in the same equity poor position thousands of Tennessee homeowners are now experiencing.
  3. As a homeowner, the next worse thing about being unhappy with your home is not being able to sell it.
  4. Getting a good deal on your home should not be your only focus. The over all quality of the home, the community, schools and the neighborhood will also impact your happiness as a owner and your home’s appreciation.
  5. Most home buyers can do better. We will explain how our BUYWISE™ Services are designed to help you do better.

Professional - We have no conflict of interest:
  • We don’t work for a commission. Most buyers don’t know they can negotiate the commission their agent is paid. In fact most agents will tell you that the real estate commission is paid by the seller and cost the buyer nothing.
  • We negotiate purchase offers per your instructions with zero commission being paid to The Home Buyers Realty.
  • We encourage shopping all possible sources of homes for sale: FSBO, MLS, HUD and REO.
  • Having worked as a Buyer Broker for years and as a Seller Broker on thousands of transactions, we have observed first hand how the commission affects the majority of the buyer agents when representing their buyers.
  • Our company’s services are structured to work for you. We avoid the common conflicts of interest that exist with the traditional “commission” based real estate companies. We will be happy to discuss those with you. You might be surprised to hear the biggest conflicts of interest.

Effective - We can help you be a wiser home buyer:

  • As a buyer you are probably already shopping online. We provide an unbiased source to help you evaluate homes of interest.
  • We allow you to work at your own pace and we do not try to sell you a home.
  • We trust you. We are here to help you as a home buyer. We do not tie you to a contract or charge for our BUYWISE™ Service up front. If you choose to use our assistance and later buy through a traditional commission based company, we consider it’s your choice and loss NOT ours.
  • We are available to provide professional assistance from developing a smarter approach to shopping for the right home to closing on your home.
  • We use our years of experience, high tech real estate tools and numerous resources to help you evaluate homes of interest quickly and professionally. This can make the home shopping and decision making process more effective. Buying a home is complicated, plus physically and mentally tiring. It often ends up being a quick and emotional decision. Buying the right home for the right price can be accomplished if the emotional and the non-emotional perspectives are balanced. We provide a rational, non-emotional perspective to help balance the emotional side of making a home buying decision.

Efficient: You are already doing most of the work. Why not benefit from it.

  • According to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of home buyers who use the Internet to search for a home purchased through a real estate agent. You are already using the Internet to find homes, schools, neighborhoods and more so why not benefit from all that online work.
  • Our BUYWISE™ Team is as close as your phone or your computer.
  • We give you the most comprehensive information available so you can make informed decisions.
  • We provide the same professional level of service to buyers buying their first home as those buying their 13th home.
  • We are full-time, experienced and capable of providing guidance through the entire home buying process.
  • There is no fat in our compensation which allows our service to work more for you when negotiating for a lower purchase price, closing cost, interest rate buy downs or other Seller concessions.
  • We don’t give buyer commission rebates. Some buyers look online for a rebate from the buyers agent’s commission. Rebates offer no negotiating advantage to the Buyer and are illegal in Tennessee. Even if rebates were legal, whether the Buyer realizes it or not, the buyer is paying for the rebate he/she receives indirectly via his/her home purchase. We view this like borrowing money to give yourself a gift. So ultimately you are really paying for the gift or the rebate. Automobile dealers often offer cash back when you buy a car. Of course you will be limited on the amount you can negotiate off the purchase price and get the the cash back.
  • We have no conflict of interest. When working for a commission every dollar the agent negotiates to help you save money actually reduces the agent’s commission. Although most agents argue that this is not significant, it is one of many legitimate conflicts of interests that “commission” sales have.
  • According to industry surveys many Americans sell a home approximately every seven to ten years. So it's not surprising to hear a buyer or seller say, "I didn't know that was negotiable!"
  • We are always happy to answer any questions you have about our approach to home buying. Just give us a call at 1-888-932-0506 or email us at buywisetn@comcast.net .
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Company Owners - Ralph & Martha Howard

Company Owners - Ralph & Martha Howard
RDH Services, LLC dba The Home Buyers Realty
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730 Black Forest Dr
Maryville, TN 37801


Single Family Home
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Interior: 1,517 sqft

Tennessee (TN) For Sale by Owner FSBO - MLS Listing 730 Black Forest Dr Maryville, TN 37801 MLS # 799565

Our fee for service real estate company with its' low transaction fees saved approximately $3,000 on this home. Pay a low fee and avoid the BIG commission. To learn more click on BUYERS SAVE MONEY OR SELLERS SAVE MONEY on left side tab(s).

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Map of 730  Black Forest Dr, Maryville, TN 37801, USA
Company Owners - Ralph & Martha Howard

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Company Owners - Ralph & Martha Howard
RDH Services, LLC dba The Home Buyers Realty
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